Trend Micro Prioritizes ‘True’ Zero Trust Risk Assessment After Successful Beta Testing



(Photo: Image by Trend Micro) Trend Micro Prioritizes ‘True’ Zero Trust Risk Assessment After Successful Beta Testing

Zero Trust is vaguely tossed about but is rarely really implemented. That could change with Trend Micro’s new initiative. Education is power, and Trend Micro notably educates its customers on the implementation of Zero Trust in their services.

“Some of the downsides of digital transformation projects are the legacy security systems causing problems and an almost unmanageable increase in complexity,” said Joel Stradling, European Security & Privacy Research Director, IDC.

Evolving security risks have made defense strategies just as complex, which is why Trend Micro is designed to continuously assess the risk of cloud identities, devices and applications.

Here’s how Trend Micro assesses risk using telemetry in the following areas:

  • End point
  • E-mail
  • Cloud
  • Networks
  • SaaS applications

Risk Analysis enables Trend Micro to automatically detect, block, and resolve issues before a connection is terminated. This could be a huge benefit for customers who are at constant risk of security exposure to get complete information without the need for additional apps or agents.

Benefits of Trend Micro Zero Trust

Trend Micro identifies compromised user accounts and suspicious user activity. These could indicate abuse by an attacker, such as in phishing emails or other malicious attacks.

Trend Micro identifies suspicious processes, unpatched vulnerabilities, attack techniques and tactics, and misconfigured applications or operating systems. This is done by scanning even legitimate tools, which could indicate ongoing ransomware attacks.

What does Trend Micro guarantee?

Security can be a loose term and is commonly used by other companies, but the question is, what does it really mean? Trend Micro provides its customers with a transparent action plan showing what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how they are blocking threats.

  • Trend Micro would benefit from the company’s leadership in vulnerability research, including information from the Zero Day Initiative. The company uses global and local threat intelligence on certain exploitation attempts and the severity of the vulnerability to prioritize parts that are critical and in need of patches or prevention rules.
  • Trend Micro promises visibility into email usage, as phishing activity could indicate which user identities have been compromised. Customers know where the attack is and what Trend Micro is seeing.
  • Trend Micro mitigates risk before potential damage occurs with a SaaS-based application reputation database. Cloud applications can be risky and can contain data sovereignty and privacy issues. Trend Micro prevents damage by checking cloud applications first.

Trend Micro VP of Product Marketing Wendy Moore notes that “the risk and security of users, devices and applications can be easily seen, with issues prioritized in a way unique to the capabilities of the platform. from Trend Micro. This is true Zero Trust theory put into product form. “

In the tech world, knowledge is power and Trend Micro is defying the norm with the full release of its risk analysis capabilities after a successful beta test with 3,500 companies. The new Zero Trust risk assessment solution is now considered critical for Trend Micro’s unified cybersecurity platform.

Security is no longer seen as a luxury but rather as an investment that companies can make to protect themselves from potential attacks. Trend Micro’s zero trust risk assessment solution lets businesses know their weaknesses before they are even exploited.

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