Judge who tried to free former vice president Jorge Glas arrested in Ecuador


Judge Banny Rubén Molina, the Ecuadorian justice official who tried to free the country’s former vice president Jorge Glas, has been arrested on his own charges.

Additionally, news of the new habeas corpus for Glas was made public on Monday, which would allow him to be released from prison where he is serving two sentences for corruption. However, the government of President Guillermo Lasso explained that, despite Judge Molina’s release order, the former vice president would not be released from prison, due to irregularities in the process.

According Infobaeit was Friday, August 5, when Judge Molina, of the Portoviejo Penitentiary Guarantees Unit, granted habeas corpus and also extended it for Glas and Daniel Salcedo, imprisoned for corruption in Ecuadorian hospitals during the months the most critical of the pandemic in cahoots with the family of the former president, Abdalá Bucaram.

According to a press release from the president, the magistrate resolved the extension without Glas and Salcedo presenting the action.

The Judicial Council also ruled on the case and declared that Judge Molina lacked jurisdiction to uphold the action in favor of Glas. In a statement, the council pointed out that Judge Molina is weighing a subpoena for the alleged crime of prevarication because in 2018 he ordered that an individual convicted of embezzlement serve his sentence at his home. The institution explained that with the subpoena, the jurisdiction of the judge is suspended, according to the regulations in force in the country.

Depending on the case, the accused could face a sentence of six months to three years in prison.


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