Couple on the run: the furious high court of Punjab and Haryana arrest Nuh SP for no trace of minors | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: The High Court of Punjab and Haryana has warned Nuh SP to find the underage girl who was allegedly kidnapped from the government shelter by her lover seven months ago by Friday or to appear before her in case of ‘failure. The court issued the order on August 9.
Interestingly, the young girl was said to have “married” the accused last year against her parents’ wishes and both had also succeeded in obtaining a protection order from the high courts of Punjab and Haryana at the time. . Later, it emerged that the girl’s Aadhar card had been forged by the accused to present her as an adult in court.
The case reached the High Court in December 2020 following a habeas corpus petition filed by Arshad Khan, from Nuh District in Haryana, who requested instructions to search and release his daughter from custody. of the accused.
Khan in his habeas corpus petition claimed his daughter was only 14 and had been seduced by the boy and that an FIR was registered on October 10, 2020 against the boy for kidnapping. He also alleged that the accused changed his daughter’s name and married her by falsifying her date of birth on the Aadhar card. The couple had also obtained security orders from the HC. However, he complained that the police were not taking action against the accused under the guise of protection orders received from the HC.
On instruction from the high court, the girl was presented to the HC by videoconference during which she refused to accompany her father and expressed her desire to stay with the boy.
However, after examining his age, which turned out to be only 14, the HC ruled that the boy was not entitled to custody and ordered the girl to move to a shelter in welcome.
In its detailed orders passed on December 23, 2020, the HC gave custody of the girl to SP Nuh to keep her in a children’s home, Gusbethi, Mewat and also to protect her life and freedom. The child welfare committee, Mewat has also been tasked with looking after her welfare during the time she is held in the children’s home. The court also ordered the authorities to organize counseling for the girl at the foster home.
However, when the case was brought to the HC on February 12, it was informed that the boy had kidnapped the girl from the children’s home and that efforts were being made to locate her.
When the case was brought to court on July 5, the HC again ordered SP Nuh to make considerable efforts to locate the girl and bring her to court. On August 9, HC was again assured by SP Nuh that efforts were being made to locate the girl.
However upset by the failure of the police to find the girl, the HC adjourned the case for August 13, observing:, Nuh and SHO, Punhana police station, Mewat will remain present in front of this court by videoconference on that date. . The case will now be heard on Friday.


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