Chinese spacecraft: Giant Chinese spacecraft set to make ‘uncontrolled entry’ to Earth, read details

China has launched a rocket the size of a 10-story building, which is expected to return to Earth in 48 hours. However, media reports suggest that Chinese authorities have remained silent on the way back and that the “out of control” rocket is expected to return to Earth.

The Long March 5B rocket booster was launched on October 31 to deliver the third and final modular module to the Tiangong space station. The rocket is expected to make an uncontrolled return on Saturday, which created a low risk of danger to the population. Chinese authorities reportedly refused to share details of the giant rocket’s return trajectory, which was vital to keeping Earth’s inhabitants safe.

According to media reports, China failed to perform “a controlled deorbit of the core stage of Long March 5B”, which is bound to cause the rocket to return uncontrollably to the blue planet. China had launched a similar Long March rocket earlier in July without sharing details of the rocket’s return trajectory, and the rocket crashed to Earth.

Aerospace Corporation expert consultant Ted Muelhaupt has suggested that China puts around 88% of the world’s population at risk. But he added: “The answer is that you have a much better chance of winning the lottery tonight than getting hit by this object.” The risk for an individual is six in 10 trillion. It’s a very small number.


What is the name of the Chinese rocket launched on Halloween?

China launched the Long March 5B rocket booster on Oct. 31, which is the size of a 10-story building.

When is the Long March 5B expected to return?

The rocket is expected to return uncontrollably on Saturday.

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