Beware of the Darkverse and the cyber-physical threats it will activate


Trend Micro Calls on Tech Industry to Protect Against Metaverse Risks

DALLAS, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO:4704; TSE:4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today released a new report warning of a “dark worm” of crime hidden from law enforcement. order, which could quickly evolve to fuel a new cybercrime industry linked to the metaverse.

To read a full copy of the report, Metaverse or Metapire? Cybersecurity Threats to the Internet of Experiences, please visit:

The top five metaverse threats described in the report are:

  • NFTs will be affected by phishing, ransomware and fraud and other attacks, which will be increasingly targeted as they become an important metaverse product to regulate ownership.
  • The dark verse will become the go-to place to conduct illegal/criminal activities as it will be difficult to track down, monitor and infiltrate law enforcement. In fact, it may be years before the police catch up.
  • money laundering the use of metaverse real estate and overpriced NFTs will provide a new outlet for criminals to clean up the money.
  • Social engineering, propaganda and fake news will have a profound impact in a cyber-physical world. Influential narratives will be employed by criminals and state actors targeting vulnerable groups sensitive to certain topics.
  • Privacy will be redefined, as metaverse-like spatial operators will have unprecedented visibility into user actions – essentially when using their worlds, there will be no privacy as we know it.

Bill MalickVice President of Infrastructure Strategies for Trend Micro: “The Metaverse is a multi-billion dollar, high-tech vision that will define the next era of the Internet. While we don’t know exactly how it will develop, we need to start thinking now about how it will be operated by threat actors high costs and jurisdictional challenges, law enforcement will struggle to control the metaverse at large in its early years.The security community must step in now or risk a new Wild West grows at our digital doorstep.

As envisioned by Trend Micro, the darkverse will look like a metaverse version of the dark web, allowing threat actors to coordinate and carry out illegal activities with impunity.

Underground markets operating in the darkverse would be impossible for police to infiltrate without the correct authentication tokens. Since users can only access a dark world if they are in a designated physical location, there is an added level of protection for closed crime communities.

This could provide a haven for multiple threats to flourish, from financial fraud and e-commerce scams to NFT theft, ransomware and more. The cyber-physical nature of the metaverse will also open new doors for threat actors.

Cybercriminals could seek to compromise the “digital twin” spaces managed by critical infrastructure operators, to sabotage or extort industrial systems. Or they could deploy malware to Metaverse users’ full body actuator suits to cause physical harm. Avatar attacks have already been reported on several occasions.

Although a full-fledged metaverse is still a few years away, metaverse-like spaces will be commonplace much sooner. Trend Micro’s report seeks to start an urgent dialogue about what cyber threats to expect and how they could be mitigated.

Questions to start asking include:

  • How will we moderate user activity and speech in the metaverse? And who will be responsible?
  • How will copyright infringements be monitored and enforced?
  • How will users know if they are interacting with a real person or a bot? Will there be a Turing test to validate AI/humans?
  • Is there a way to protect privacy by preventing the metaverse from being dominated by a few big tech companies?
  • How can law enforcement overcome the high costs of intercepting large-scale metaverse crimes and address jurisdictional issues?

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